Contact Now Ti Clad Copper Bars for Anode Electroplating and PCB and Elecrolysis Industry

- Aug 16, 2017-

Titanium copper performance: titanium copper conductive rod as a PCB circuit board electroplating equipment conductive anode of the main components, its role has the following three points:

ti copper clad.png

1: support the anode; titanium coated with a certain strength and bending resistance, composite bar yield strength of 128MPa, fully meet the production design requirements.

2: excellent conductivity; the use of rolling production process so that titanium can be completely close composite, does not produce delamination and therefore has good electrical conductivity, composite strength of 135Mpa, micro-resistance of 7.77 × 10-6Ω.

3: corrosion resistance, titanium copper outer layer directly with the electrolytic medium contact, the outer layer of titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, its life than other materials electrode 10 times longer.