copper rod is the main components of the metal anode

- Aug 24, 2017-

Titanium copper composite rod, also known as titanium copper, copper rod is coated with a certain thickness of the titanium layer, the main components of the metal anode. It combines the excellent conductivity of copper and the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium. It is mainly used in electrolysis, electroplating, hydrometallurgical and metal anodic electrolytic cells under strong corrosion conditions. Material excellent electrical conductivity, on the other hand to play the coating material corrosion resistance, is a high quality electrode material. I produced the composite rod composite strength of 135Mpa, tensile shear strength of 180-260Mpa, with good electrical conductivity, composite rod micro-resistance of 7.77 × 10-6Ω, can significantly reduce the electrolyte, plating solution pollution, saving energy , To improve the environment for energy conservation and environmental protection electrode materials. And according to user requirements to produce different specifications of the round, drum, square, flat and other composite rods, but also for different shapes of bending and welding.