Development of Copper Clad Aluminum in Foreign Countries

- Jul 25, 2017-

In the western developed countries, the development and application of copper clad aluminum has been more than 30 years, but the application does not seem to increase. Simon, the company believes that copper clad aluminum in the wire and cable industry in the application of very little. In Europe and the United States, copper clad aluminum is mainly used in the field of communications, especially in the field of high-frequency conductive core and shielding. In large-capacity special conductors such as copper clad aluminum flat wire, copper clad aluminum bus, paper bag flat wire (bus) will also be applied. The reliability of the US GC company's connection to copper clad aluminum wire leads to the conclusion that the copper wire can be connected in the same way as copper wire. The United States UL also 10AWG and 12AWG aluminum wire due to poor connection caused by the accident, and copper clad aluminum does not exist this problem. UL has also developed a copper clad aluminum conductor standard (UL1561-2001). British BICC company through the cable and the connected power load of up to seven years of research, after 10 million hours of repeated tests, the results show: copper clad aluminum in the economy, technically with the copper line, and the price stability. In the United States ASTM standards in the structure and characteristics of copper clad aluminum wire made a detailed requirement; the United States TI also copper ratio of 10% copper clad aluminum as a standard wire. Japan's wire Co., Ltd. has made extensive investigations and studies on whether copper clad aluminum can be used as a conductor material for wire and cable. The study of the contents of the test include: 1. Copper clad aluminum conductor structure (copper ratio of 10 to 15% and the relationship between the line and thickness); 2. Physical and mechanical properties; 3. Surface properties, especially aluminum contact resistance is particularly large , While copper clad aluminum is as good as copper. But also its bending rigidity, repeated bending, repeated winding, etc. to test. Electric Wire Co., Ltd. also made a lot of research on the connection of connectors and wiring devices: 1. Test on contact resistance; 2. Electric thermal cycle test. Connection with copper connector: 1. Selection of the use of size range; 2. The effect of secondary crimping; 3. The suitability of various joints and connectors. Japan's wire Co., Ltd. after several years of applicability research proved that copper clad aluminum has: 1. Connection easy; 2. Connection is reliable; 3. Light weight; 4. Good around; 5. Economy, with the same safety as copper Reliable features