Introduction and Classification of Titanium Composites

- Sep 26, 2017-

     Titanium is widely used as a variety of chemical reaction vessels and heat exchanger materials due to its excellent corrosion resistance, but the disadvantage is that the cost is high, especially when used as a structural part. This problem is particularly effective. An effective solution is to use titanium Steel composite board.

     Titanium and ordinary steel composite material is called titanium steel composite, both the corrosion resistance of titanium, but also the strength of ordinary steel as a structure, it is important that the cost is also a significant decline. Equipment cylinder, tube plate, head can be made of titanium composite plate processing. Such as the production of urea synthesis tower, vacuum salt evaporation chamber, polyester reactor and other devices, the use of titanium composite plate than the use of pure titanium, significantly reduce the project cost 30-40%. The use of titanium steel composite materials began a new milestone in the alkali industry.

       In recent years, titanium steel composite panels have added new uses, that is, in the field of marine civil engineering began to apply to the anti-corrosion materials. This is not only because of its low cost, as the main body of the steel structure of the welding installation point of view, must also use titanium composite panels.