Japan has developed a new type of titanium material

- Sep 21, 2017-

Japanese researchers use powder metallurgy process, the titanium and titanium oxide powder mixture, at 1000 ℃, 6-8MPa under the sintering, made of new titanium material, the tensile strength of 1250MPa, three times the traditional titanium material, Titanium, aluminum and other ordinary titanium alloy composition of high strength 30%. It is said that this is due to the titanium crystal structure under the action of pressure changes to improve the strength.

New materials do not use rare metals, low prices and high security of the human body, in addition to brain surgery and laparoscopic surgery and other surgical fields, but also as aircraft engine parts materials into the application. Researchers plan to use this new material in the field for 2-3 years. Future research focuses on how to reduce costs and practical.

Source: China Steel Price Network