Professional Supply Titanium Clad Copper Bar for Electroplating Equipment

- Aug 10, 2017-

Titanium clad Copper and titanium clad steel parts are manufactured by instantaneous blasting, bonding metallurgical C.P. Titanium to an Copper core or steel core. They have excellent conductivity, high ductility and weldability.

JPTI products of cladding copper with Titanium and Zirconium are as follow:
(1) Titanium Clad Copper Rod
(2) Titanium Clad Copper Plate
(3) Titanium Clad Copper Tube
(4) Titanium Clad Steel Rod
(5) Titanium Clad Steel Plate
(6) Titanium Clad Steel Tube
(7) Ti-Ni alloys
(8) Ti-Zr alloys
(9) Ti-Al alloys

1.Electronic component Switch of Chemical industry
2.The chimney inside of the power station
3.Water treatment
4.Chemical processing
5.Industrial equipment