Pure titanium frames

- Sep 12, 2017-

Titanium metal as a new type of optical materials available since its light, corrosion resistance, anti-allergy, high strength, is more and more consumers are favored. With the development of titanium materials and processing technology has become increasingly mature, the market has appeared in pure titanium, B titanium, titanium and other titanium to a variety of titanium-based frame. Among them, the pure titanium frame material requirements of 99.9% (excluding gaskets, screws, stipules and leg sets), the logo called PURETITANIUM, or abbreviated as Ti-P and so on. But the individual manufacturers in the interests of some non-titanium or titanium alloy material also carried out the above logo, coupled with the vast number of consumers on the pure titanium frame identification capacity, resulting in consumers wearing titanium frame after the emergence of frames Rust, skin allergy and other phenomena, damage the interests of the vast number of consumers. Here are a few simple methods to identify pure titanium frames.

1. The weight of the hand, usually the proportion of alloy frame is about 8.9g / cm3, the proportion of pure titanium frame is about 4.5g / cm3, because the weight of titanium material equivalent to half of the alloy frame, hand up relatively light. This is one of the simplest ways to distinguish titanium frames from non-titanium frames.

2. To observe the welding point of the nasal stem and the nasal care of the care, pure titanium material welding for the vacuum anaerobic welding, where the weld is "step" shape, the welding of alloy materials for spot welding, "This is one of the effective ways to distinguish between titanium and non-titanium.

3. Observe whether the hinge joints with gasket, titanium frame in the hinge site should not be in direct contact with titanium and titanium, or prone to joints at the wrinkle, the temples closed with the phenomenon of poor. Usually in the titanium frame hinge parts inlaid with two thin gasket, the upper and lower hinge separated. Therefore, check the hinge with or without gasket, but also a good way to identify whether the pure titanium frame.

4. With the magnet to do the magnetic reaction, the frame hinge as far as possible loose, in the free state to use the magnet to attract, such as the mirror in the magnet under the attraction of the rock, indicating that the frame is not pure titanium material, There may be a pure titanium frame