Quality Control of Titanium - Copper Composite Bar

- Sep 05, 2017-

In terms of quality control, we take three aspects of control:

● Chemical composition

Our titanium-copper composite rods meet the requirements of GB / T5231 and ASTM, and Titanium conforms to the relevant grades of GB / T15073 or GB / T3620 and ASTM.

● Degree of compound

We use ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic testing can be directly detected at any part of the composite rod of titanium and copper composite conditions, directly and effectively reflect the composite rod compound degree.

● Surface quality

The surface of the composite bar should be clean, there should be no cracks, folding, inclusions and other defects; allowed to have local, do not exceed the size of the deviation of the mark, pits and pits; surface defects allowed to remove, remove the shape and titanium The layer thickness exceeds the minimum allowable size.