SS cladding copper bar and rod

- Aug 31, 2017-


SS cladding copper bar and rod

stainless steel clad copper

Composite materials:Zr-Cu,Zr-Steel,Ti-Al,Ti-Ni etc

Zr layer:0.5~3.2mm

Base material:T2, Tu1,Tu2

Clad material: stainless steel SS316L SS304

Technology: metallurgical bonding by explosive rolled

Size: We can provide a variety of custom shapes and sizes.

Types available: Cu/steel bar/plate/tube/block etc

Product Form: Square, Round, Rectangle, Drum

SGS Test Report,ISO 9001:2008

Application: Electrolysis, Plating, Hydrometallurgy,Oil and Chemcial indurty, etc

2>The strengths of Zr clad copper:

-Low processing costs

Big composite materials available with excellent metallurgical bonding by explosive welding process

Fantastic corrosion resistance in strongly corrosive solutions due to outside Titanium layer

-Excellent conductivity and fully ductile for shaping and forming due to OFHC (Oxygen-Free High

Conductivity) Copper Core and Great weldability for

connecting, capping and joining

-Save 10%~30% energy in plating system


The rack in the industry of electrodialysis, electrodeposition, electroplating, wet metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, etc.

An excellent conductivity and is fully ductile for shaping and forming, and also with great weldability for connecting, capping & joining, high anti-corrosion for titanium layer, Long time working life.