Standard for the implementation of Ti Clad Copper Bars

- Sep 06, 2017-

We can produce different specifications according to the requirements of titanium copper, copper, copper, copper, titanium, copper, titanium composite pipe and composite wire, but also for different shapes of bending and welding. The following are our standards, materials, and specifications:

Implementation of the standard: GB / T12769-2003

Coating materials: titanium Ti, zirconium Zr, nickel Ni, stainless steel (316L) and so on

Base material: copper (T1, T2), oxygen-free copper (TU2), aluminum (AL) and so on

End face shape and specifications (mm)

Round: Φ (2 ~ 80) or according to customer demand.

Drum: Φ (25,27,29,32,34) × 14 or according to customer needs.

Square: side length (6 ~ 50) or according to customer demand.

Flat: Thick (3 ~ 30) × (10 ~ 150) or according to customer demand.

Fillet transition R (2 ~ 5) or according to customer requirements.