Titanium and titanium alloy products

- Sep 08, 2017-

We have long-term supply and demand relationship with the state-owned large-scale sponge titanium plant, the use of high-quality titanium sponge as raw material to produce TA0 TA1 TA2 TC4 TA9 TA10 titanium ingots. The factory is located in China, "Titanium City", with advanced titanium processing technology and equipment and mature production technology. Can processing the product range is; titanium rod (light stick) 2MM-250MM * 3000MM. Titanium plate 0.03-20MM * 1000MM * 2000MM. Titanium wire 0.1-8.0MM, titanium tube 4-110MM * 0.8-10MM * 6000MM. Titanium ball 2-15MM and so on.

     The company is equipped with AMS4928Q, ASTMB348, ASTMF136, GB / T13810, GB / T2965 and so on, which are capable of producing and exporting military, aviation, medical and civil standards. To meet the needs of different customers.