Titanium clad copper bus bar anode/ composite bar/ rod specifications

- Aug 21, 2017-

With advanced explosion-rolling process, we provide the first rate non-ferrous metal composites, mainly titanium clad copper and also including zirconium clad copper, 316L steel clad copper, titanium clad 316L steel plates, bars, tubes, composite wire, and multilayer clad composites, etc. The clad metal products could be up to four individual layers of metal or alloys. At minimum, there is a core and an outer layer, each layer thickness could be optimized to your needs.

Titanium clad copper bus bar anode/ composite bar/ rod specifications:
Section shape  Section size(mm)cladding materialSubstrate material
layer thicknessmaterial
squareSide length(10-40)1.0-2.5Ti, Zr, Ni, Stainless steelT1,T2, TU1,TU2,AL, Stainless steel, etc
rectangleSide length(20-160)      side width(10-30)1.0-2.5
drumSide length (25,27,29,32,34)*141.0-2.5
roundDia (8-50)1.0-2.5
wire materialDia (2.0-8.0)1.0-2.5
Application:wet metallurgy, Electroplating, electrolysis , petroleum chemical industry, Electric chemical industry, Energy engineering, ocean engineering, Surface treatment, electrode manufacturing, electro-purification, caustic soda electrolysis, and aluminum anodizing,Machining field, Automobile field, Desalination of sea water, Textile printing and dyeing, Mobile phone component field, Electronic circuit board, PCB, print circuit makers and steel manufacturer.