Titanium Clad copper is the main components of the metal anode

- Jul 21, 2017-

Titanium Clad copper features: it can not only guarantee the original copper electrical conductivity, but also the use of titanium cover to protect the copper body is not corrosive, and greatly reduces the plating, plating solution pollution.


1, support strength: titanium copper composite bar has a yield strength of 135Mpa, tensile shear strength of 180260Mpa, fully meet the production design requirements to achieve the anode in the operation of the required support performance.

2, corrosion resistance: titanium copper composite rod directly with the outer layer of contact with the electrolyte, the outer layer of titanium has excellent corrosion resistance (see table), its life than other materials electrode 10 times longer.

3, saving energy: because the use of the explosion + rolling method can make titanium copper completely close composite, does not produce delamination, a substantial reduction in electrolyte, plating solution pollution, the current resistance significantly reduced to 7.77 × 10- 6Ω, so that the current more smoothly, thus saving energy.

4, to improve the environmental effects: because the use of the explosion + rolling method can make titanium copper completely compact compound, does not produce delamination caused by liquid pollution, because the outer titanium corrosion resistance, does not produce the air caused by oxidation And environmental pollution, but also a significant reduction in the overall environmental pollution. We can produce according to user requirements of different specifications of titanium coated copper, zirconium copper.