Titanium Clad Copper Mother Sheet/ Ti Clad Copper Cathode Plate

- Aug 09, 2017-

1. The connection area between Copper and S.S is considerable, thus contribute to a less lose of electric power.

2. High mechanical strength design of hanger bar to prevent scratching, sinking mark and bending.

3. Hanger bar designed with good heat resistance to avoid deformation or degenerate, hanger bar can resistance high temperature up to 700°C cause by short circuit.

4. The laser welding between S.S blank/ Titanium plate and hanger bar can help avoiding the welding gap, thus can maximum prevent welding corrosion. The average service lifetime of cathode is 10-15 years.  

5. By powerful extrusion, the edge strip is deformation free with long lifetime and easy for maintenance.

6. The performance of edge clip bar was stable which can decrease the cost.

Cathode is widely used in Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt and Manganese EW/ER industry .Copper can be easily deposit on the stainless steel cathode surface and be stripped by auto-stripping machine. The use of stainless steel cathode can save a lot of time and human cost compared to starting sheet. It's an obbligato part in large scale and modernization Copper electro-refinning and Copper electro-winning plant.

Edge strip:
PP by mechanical process or extrusion
High strength and anti-corrosion hanger bar
Advanced edge strip with round bar for fastening
Special surface polishing treatment to form a passive film
90° "v" shape groove at bottom of blank, Copper cathode
can be more easily stripped in the bottom
10~15 years service lifetime of blank, 1.5year of edge
strip (If Cl- < 40mg/L)
Double side full welding technology
Perfect welding technology (Double-side full laser welding) is used to connect stainless steel blank / Titanium plate with hanger bar. It does not use flux to connect, which is successful to avoid the weld seam defects and maximize preventing corrosion.