Titanium-copper alloy generally refers to copper-based elements by adding 2.9% -3.5% titanium alloy

- Aug 04, 2017-

Titanium-copper alloy generally refers to the copper-based elements by adding 2.9% -3.5% titanium alloy, is a high reliability and high performance copper alloy, especially in the alloy manufacturing process, we need to pass the temperature The treatment is heated to enhance its performance. Titanium copper alloy with high strength, high flexibility, heat resistance, excellent fatigue resistance and good bending performance.

Titanium copper in the electrical, electronics industry is widely used, the amount of large, accounting for more than half of total consumption. Used in the manufacture of various cables and wires, motors and transformers, switches and printed circuit boards. In the manufacture of machinery and transport vehicles, for the manufacture of industrial valves and accessories, instruments, plain bearings, molds, heat exchangers and pumps.

Titanium We are now going to introduce a new generation of metal anode --- titanium copper composite rod, also known as titanium coated copper. Titanium copper composite rod is coated with a certain thickness of the copper rod titanium layer, the main components of the metal anode. It combines the excellent conductivity of copper and the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium. It is mainly used in electrolysis, electroplating, hydrometallurgical and metal anodic electrolytic cells under strong corrosion conditions. We have a patent for the production of titanium-copper composite rods, which is an invention patent. Our titanium-copper composite bar is a great way to make titanium and copper in the organizational structure closely integrated as a leather bag in general, this combination will not only increase the resistance of the current, it can make copper normal play it Essentially the original conductivity, but also can not affect the original copper excellent conductive properties based on the addition of the following four advantages: support strength, corrosion resistance, energy saving, improve environmental protection. We can produce different specifications according to the requirements of titanium copper, copper, copper, stainless steel copper, titanium copper three-layer composite, titanium copper composite pipe and composite wire, but also for different shapes of bending and welding.